Jazmine McRae

Heart Failure community advocate Jazmine McraeJazmine was previously a health leader on Heart-Failure.net.

Hi my name is Jazmine McRae. A native of Brockton, MA., now residing in Atlanta, GA. A graduate of Georgia State University with a Bachelors in Exercise Science. My plan was to become a physical therapist, little did I know I was to become a caregiver for my mother Evelyn Charrisse McRae. She was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and congestive heart failure at the age of 30. My mother moved to Georgia upon my graduation from college. Although. I had difficulty finding a job in my major, I often using my knowledge of science to help educate my mother on the importance of exercise and diet with the help of the doctors orders. She went through many years of her life without the help of modern medicine. Until 2010, when she received a pacemaker defibrillator. Then in 2017, she drove from Atlanta to Boston, with her sister for a 2nd opinion appointment and ended up receiving open heart surgery and an LVAD. On October 3, 2019, my mother passed away. She lived 26 years with heart disease. For all who knew her you would never know all that she went through or dealt with unless she told you, and even then you wouldn’t believe it. Being my mother’s caregiver was the greatest gift, something special shared between us. I appreciate this opportunity from the Heart-Failure.net community to use this platform to educate myself, inspire and connect a community of medical professionals, patients and caregivers alike. I plan to speak on me and my mother’s behalf, as a therapeutic space to share our journey as we traveled through the daily life lessons and blessings as best friends, mother and daughter/caregiver.

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