Julia Celano

Heart Failure community advocate Julia CelanoJulia was previously a health leader on Heart-Failure.net.

Julia Celano was born with a congenital heart defect called a single ventricle heart. Born with only one ventricle and two atria, Julia was not expected to live past one week. Julia now in her 30’s, has surpassed many challenges. She has endured two open-heart surgeries, three pacemaker procedures, and approximately 10 heart cauterizations. She has had too many CT scans to count and several scopes as well as hundreds of echos and EKGs. The procedures have been numerous and spread out, which was a constant element of life. Julia never gave up and she fought all the odds that were against her. She has worked as a professional performer for years and has traveled the world doing what she loves. She lives life to its fullest like there is no tomorrow.

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