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Kelli Hicks

”Heart Kelli Lynn Hicks is a 43-year-old wife, and mother who was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure in 2015. After the initial diagnosis Kelli learned that her heart was functioning at 25% it was evident that her health had been declining unbeknownst to her. What followed was a series of cardiology appointments with numerous specialists, hospitalizations and her life was forever changed. For the next four years, Kelli’s wife and sons dedicated themselves to working as a team to encourage Kelli to have faith that she will eventually overcome this illness. There was a pivotal point in her health crisis that Kelli and her family had to face, after being told that she had 3 days to live she learned that she would need heart transplant in order to survive.

Through all of her trials Kelli became known as #ThePatientPatient and now spends time actively sharing her story and speaking to women about the risk of heart failure.

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