Will Jones

Heart Failure community advocate Will Jones Will was previously a health leader on Heart-Failure.net.

I am a retired high school English teacher and administrator, a career that included nine years as principal of San Luis Obispo High School. I have resided in San Luis Obispo, California, since 1979, but grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My wife, Melinda, and I have been married for thirty-eight years. We have three adult sons and three grandchildren.

Despite health challenges like coronary artery disease, diagnosed in 2010, and prostate cancer, diagnosed in 2017, I enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle that includes hiking, backpacking, rock climbing and playing golf. I am also active as a volunteer in my community and a regular contributor to “Journal Plus: The Magazine of the Central Coast.”

I have often heard that if a man lives long enough, he will most likely contract prostate cancer. It is one thing to anticipate cancer, another thing altogether to have it. I hope sharing my experience will help prepare other men who may be diagnosed with the disease.

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