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Bypass Surgery in Older Patients

I am 72 years old and have had CHF for 34 years. I was told that the doctor feels I should have bypass surgery, most likely multiple bypasses. I would like feedback from anyone who has had this surgery at or near my age?

  1. Thank you for sharing this with our community. I hope someone who has has had a similar experience will share their thoughts and i

    1. Hi. I am 66 years old. This year a day before my birthday, I had a heart attack. A stent was put in one artery (the widowmaker which was 100% clogged), and a few days later I underwent quadruple bypass surgery. My advice is if your dr is a cardiologist that you trust, and you are relatively healthy otherwise, you should proceed. Recovery was tough at first but I recommend that you do cardio rehab as soon thereafter as possible, and exercise as much as you can after the rehab is over. My EF factor was originally 35% but by exercising daily I just had a mugatest which showed that my EF factor is now 50%. Of course, as with any surgery, you should get a second opinion just to be sure. Best of luck, ttrimb1e.

      1. I appreciate your advice. My problem is that I have severe CHF from a heart attack that killed 25% of my left ventricle. So I start out not being able to breathe and with an EF of about 30%. I feel my recovery would be more than I could do. I did rehab after my heart attack 38 years ago. Now I cant walk 20 yards without stopping to catch my breath. Thanks

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