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Emotional support for kids with parent who have HF


I have heart failure. My condition has deterioated and i need to go in for a work up in November to determine if i qualify to be added to the transplant list.Since I've been diagnosed (2020) my daughter has been struggling with her behavior. I have tried to get her to talk about her feelings with a therapist but it hasn't helped. She has been suspended from school and I don't know what to do to change how she feels. She says she doesn't feel life is worth living if I'm not around. I want to help her but don't know how. Do any parents on the group have any advise?


  1. Hi. I am also a parent, and (as you are experiencing) it is sometimes difficult to know how best to help a child. I think you have taken the best approach by having your daughter work with a counselor. I have my own son in counseling for issues he is dealing with. And, as you have noted, so far don't think it has been helping. Although, I have had experience various times in the past with counselors, and do know that sometimes it takes time to notice the benefits. How long has your daughter been in counseling? Also, have you talked to your daughter's doctor about this. He/she may also have ideas to help you best help your daughter? What do you think? John. community moderator.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for responding. She has been seeing the school therapist since ealry this year. She is an excellent student and is polite in class, good at everything, participates and everything. The therapist told me my daughter was trying to find her identity. I will bring the matter up with her again but I'm at a loss. She has been eating cannabis sweets and cookies which is illegal. It's serious. I'm really uncertain what to do. With the exception of my health she claims nothing has happened that causes this behavior or stresses her.

      This is so scary and worrying 😟.

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