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Has anyone been diagnosed with cardiac amyloidosis?

Cardiac Amyloidosis is a severe, progressive, and fatal disease caused by accumulation of misfolded proteins (Amyloid) in cardiac tissue.

Having this disease recently Dx did not make me feel too good. I already had a pacemaker 9 years old in 2021 and 3 stents and recent Femur to femur lithotripsy surgery on my L&R main lower leg arteries.

  1. I commend you for being so open about all that you have gone through. I can't imagine how difficult it was must be to receive a new diagnosis. You have every right to not feel too good about this as I know many people here can relate to that feeling. I would recommend speaking with your doctor about any questions/concerns you have about this new diagnosis if you haven't already done so. One thing I find helpful is writing down all my questions and concerns right when I think of them. I do this so that I don't forget about them or leave an appointment thinking....I completely forgot to ask about that!! I can imagine that receiving a new diagnosis is overwhelming enough that it's hard to think at that moment as I know at least I am that way. Hang in there! We are here for your support! Best, -Kim ( team member)

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