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Santa sits on his couch reading his email, with a decorated tree and a full bag of presents at his feet

Dear Santa! Here's A Heart-Healthy Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa. My kids already made their Christmas lists. I hope you received them well. Consider this post my personal Christmas list.

Last year you gave me a nice surround sound for my TV. And I really love it. This year, however, I have decided that you do not need to give me anything. Instead, I am hoping you can help all my good friends with heart failure instead. Here are some things I believe they would enjoy and/or find helpful.

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The list

  1. A subscription for a music app.
  2. A subscription to your favorite magazine or website.
  3. A treadmill or bike or something you can use to stay active during the winter months.
  4. Free cardiac rehab for a year.
  5. More medicines in the pipeline
  6. For medicines in the pipeline to be approved by the FDA and help you feel better.
  7. As long as we’re heading there, how about researchers stumbling upon a cure for heart failure by Christmas morning.
  8. More money for research into our disease
  9. Free healthcare.
  10. A year of free medicine.
  11. Or, how about a lifetime of free medicine.
  12. Someone to help you do the chores around the house.
  13. Perhaps just someone to spend time with you.
  14. Helping someone truly understand what it’s like living with heart failure
  15. A free housekeeper
  16. Someone to volunteer to take care of your yard.
  17. If you use oxygen, a portable oxygen concentrator is lightweight and easy to carry. This way you can easily get out and about and stay active.
  18. A pulse oximeter.
  19. A new sphygmomanometer.
  20. A new device that makes your heart good as new.
  21. Or a medicine that makes your heart good as new.
  22. A free subscription to a heart-healthy diet.
  23. A membership to a gym
  24. A great heart doctor. A free second opinion.
  25. A free massage session.
  26. Low sodium chocolate or other such treats. A foot massager. Bubble bath, bath bombs, or other such things.
  27. A new computer
  28. Free high speed internet
  29. A Kindle, iPad, or some other such device for reading and keeping up on your heart wisdom.
  30. An instapot or slow cooker for easy cooking.
  31. A chauffeur or someone to drive you to appointments or wherever you want to go.
  32. A vacation
  33. A bottle of heart-healthy wine
  34. Your favorite coffee or tea.
  35. Free delivery from your favorite restaurant
  36. A gift certificate to your favorite restaurant
  37. A year's worth of no one judging you
  38. For your grandkids, kids, friends to spend quality time with you.
  39. A book to help you learn more about your disease.
  40. A book you can read for fun.
  41. A fan
  42. Air conditioner or central air
  43. A new recliner
  44. A medic alert bracelet
  45. A device like a Kardiamobile so you can keep an eye on your heart rhythm
  46. A free home remodeling
  47. A family portrait

More ideas

So, this is my Christmas list. If the elves have already made my gift, feel free to pass it along. Anything on this list, I think, would be very much appreciated by my heart failure friends. Or, perhaps you and the elves have better ideas in mind.

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What do you think a good gift would be? Please let us know in the comments below.

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