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Community Views: Ways to Get Moving with Heart Failure

Regular exercise is a cornerstone of maintaining a healthy heart, and we want to encourage you to get moving in any way possible!

Exercise and heart failure can look different for everyone. You may be in a different stage or have different abilities than other community members, but you may also have similarities in your journeys.

Back in January, we asked our community members to share their favorite ways to get moving (and why) to inspire others to try something new! The conversation went great, and we had over 100 replies! We have collected some popular and unique responses here for you to catch up without reading the entire forum feed.

What are some of the ways our community members get moving with heart failure?


“Walking with great-grandchildren because it keeps me young.”

“Definitely walking is my favorite way to get in some exercise. I love being outdoors enjoying nature while healing my heart!”

“Walking! I don’t need special equipment to walk. I can walk anywhere at almost any time. I can go fast or slow depending on the day. I also get time to be outside and enjoy fresh air and nature.”

“Right now just being able to walk through my house.”

“Walking outside with a friend. Our neighborhood is on the water and a beautiful area of tourism. Friendship makes it effortless.”


Swimming. It’s low impact and doesn’t strain my joints

“My favorite way to get moving is swimming. It allows me to get an all-over workout, without impact to my knees (arthritis). I'm a water baby at heart!”

Moving with or because of their pets

Walking my dog because her happiness to go for a walk makes me smile

“Walking my two dogs.”

“Walking my husky with neighbors and their dogs, and playing in the yard with my dog.”


I dance around the house all the time

“Zumba...love the music, dancing, and friends you make while getting fit!”


Bike riding. It's fun

“Riding my exercise bike every morning. No need to leave the house, and no matter what the weather is like outside there's no excuse for not getting on the bike. And you can exercise in your PJs!”

“Riding my mountain bike. I like getting up at 5 AM every morning to ride – it's what starts my day and gets me going!”

Other ways to get moving!

Pickleball because you play at your own pace

“Housework because I can do a little, sit, then do some more.”

“Horseback riding.”

“I love yoga because it is an activity for my body that also connects my body to my mind and soul in a way other exercise doesn't for me. I can do it any place at any time with no equipment. And I can do it barefoot!”

“I do balance and stretch exercises after coffee in the morning. I'm 80 years old, and I find that these exercises are easy to do and they seem to make a difference in just a few days.”

“My way is to walk and play Pokemon Go.”

“Going on hikes because I like the scenery.”

Cardiac rehab, where you feel monitored by medical staff and can talk to others in similar health conditions.”

How do you keep moving during your heart failure journey?

Hopefully, you found similarities in the ways to get moving listed above to how you get moving! Or possibly you found a new reason to exercise or a new type of exercise to try. These quotes shared different activities and levels of movement in hopes of giving you an idea that may meet you where you’re at.

Remember, you should always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.

Do you have a different way to get moving? A different reason? Join the conversation by adding your answer in the box below! We’re excited to see what you share!

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