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Energy Saving Tips

One of the most common symptoms of heart failure is fatigue. Let me know if the tips I share here help you! If there are tricks or tips I have not thought of then please add them in the comments below. It takes a village, y'all.

Food prep and cooking

Here are some tips related to prepping and cooking food.

Pre-cut vegetables

Buying pre-cut vegetables can help. Cutting things up may not seem like a big source of energy consumption, but when you add it to the other aspects of cooking like cooking and cleaning it adds up. Another idea is to buy frozen vegetables that are already prepared like broccoli.

Good combinations

Sometimes you also must eat for fuel. Cottage cheese and fruit, scrambled eggs and vegetables, or rice and beans come to mind as good combinations.

Prepare in bulk

When you do have the energy to cook, prepare in bulk! It is amazing how many ways you can use things like chicken or salt-free tomato sauce, and some things are easy to make in bulk like baked meatballs. They can be used in a sandwich, pasta, etc. You can also try to sit down while you prepare food or cook.


There are admittedly no great shortcuts when it comes to doing household chores. Sometimes you must just accept what is important and what is not. If you can afford it, outsource what you can. Things like vacuuming, scrubbing a toilet, mopping, etc are just plain brutal. Lugging stuff around is tough and bending over can be truly hard with heart failure.

Know your limits. The only trick that comes to mind is a Roomba. If you are not familiar, check it out! It does the vacuuming for you and I’ve heard good things.

Personal grooming


This is another tough one as a hot shower is exhausting. I am close to putting a little seat in the shower so I can rest. I’m not looking forward to it, but we must be practical about saving our energy for activities that bring us joy.


Spending 30 minutes blow-drying hair (minimum then there is the makeup, hairspray, etc.) is brutal. If you can afford it, a good blowout once a week makes all the difference. I also work a full-time, corporate job so there is a certain expectation of appearance as well.

I want what works

I have found that if I ask them to wash my hair twice, I can make it last for several days! If money is an issue, there are certain days where salons have blowout specials. Also, a good dry shampoo is key! I try and use products that are healthy, but when it comes to dry shampoo that goes out the window. I want what WORKS. And again, there is a seat in my bathroom so I can sit down while I dry my hair, apply makeup, etc.

Let’s keep the ideas flowing, team. I firmly believe where there is a will, there is a way. We can do this!

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