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White Picket Fence (Part 1)

It was finally time for me to live out my dreams. I always knew that being a mother was going to be my biggest joy and the one thing in the world I wanted to do the most.

A home filled with love

I had a very happy childhood with a loving family and wanted to create the same thing for myself. I went onto college and obtained a degree in Early Childhood Education and a BSW in Social Work. Things moved quickly for me and I married my husband 3 months after I graduated from SCSU. We began to plan our life with dreams of white picket fences and a home filled with love, laughter, and bouncing children.

Ready to let go of fears

I never was a person who had great self-esteem and often struggled with my weight and dyslexia. I was now in my mid-twenties had graduated with honors, married a man who shared my values, dreams and goals, built a home, and was now ready to start our lives together. I was ready to let go of the fears we often have at that time in our lives. I was assured by the fact that I was a healthy, typical young woman who had a special relationship with God and family and friends’ things were finally as they should be. The first time we tried to get pregnant: BINGO, success!

Having a healthy baby

The pregnancy was typical except for a bout of high blood pressure they recorded the baby having from time to time. As a precaution, they admitted me into the hospital to monitor the baby's heart rate and said that they believed it was due to pregnancy-induced hypertension. This was a relief for us abut left me feeling a bit responsible due to the fact I always felt overweight. I did what they asked of me along with reading every book available on having a healthy baby. No nail polish, no hair dye, no alcohol, the list went on and I followed it to a T.

The most beautiful baby ever

Alyssa was born on a cold and wintery day in December. I can remember shouting out to the nurse to please tell me her APGAR score. They said she was perfect. My perfect princess five fingers, five toes, and if I do say so myself, the most beautiful baby ever (lol).

I was sitting on my bed adoring my new baby girl combing her hair and my mom walked into the bedroom. She smiled at me and said, “are you fussing and playing with your daughter?” I looked up as I attached a bright pink bow onto her head.  A huge smile came to both of our faces, I finally knew how it felt to be a mother and a baby girl to boot life was good. We had no idea about the challenges that we would soon face...

Part two of this series is 'The Beginning.'

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