Free Ways to Keep Busy at Home

Many of us are at home with not much to do. It could be from anything such as social distancing, being out of work, or being on disability. When we feel stuck at home, that can become depressing and make us feel useless. No matter how much anyone says we are not useless, it is impossible to get that feeling out of your head and it’s not fun. There are a few things anyone can do to keep busy and feel useful with the added bonus of entertaining or helping others. These take minimal physical energy and can be done by almost anyone.

Using the internet

First, you have access to the internet, which means you can get on websites and social media. That is the only requirement other than the device you have to access the internet. With access to websites and social media, you can start a blog or a Facebook page or group. It doesn’t have to be about heart failure. Of course, it can be, but it can be about anything you like. Someone else out there wants to read what you have to say and will have a better day because of it.

Start a YouTube channel

Secondly, you can start a YouTube channel. It is very simple. All you have to do is sign up for a YouTube account and navigate to the proper area to upload videos. You can record yourself on your phone and you can record your screen with a face cam as well. There are a lot of options. All it takes is a little bit of research on how to do what you want and get started. Who knows, you may even get to the point you can make money off of your channel just for having fun and talking or teaching a topic of your choosing.

Start a podcast

Lastly, you can start a podcast. This seems difficult and expensive, but it really isn’t. Like I said, if you have access to the internet you can do it. All smartphones and computers have a microphone which is all you need. There are a lot of hosting sites for podcasts. Most, if not all, have apps for your phone and the ability to record directly to their sites. On a computer, there is free software for editing your podcast and cleaning up the audio. Many of these hosting sites have free options for uploading and it won’t cost you a dime extra to start and maintain a podcast. All you need is an idea and the ability to record. This is another idea that could potentially turn into a money-making venture.

Helps keep you busy

Of course, the idea of these is not to make money. That is an added bonus for creating content. This is something to help keep you busy that doesn’t cost any extra money and can help or educate others. There are a lot of people that would love to hear what you have to say and learn from your years of experience in either heart failure, gardening, knitting, fishing, or whatever your hobbies are. Share that knowledge with the world and you may even make some new friends out of it.

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