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How To Stay Motivated

Last updated: February 2023

“Do the best you can, No one can do more than that.” John Wooden

Motivation is what drives you to do something. Some people need to be motivated and some are just self-motivated. There are 2 types of motivation intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is when you are motivated from within and extrinsic motivation is when you are motivated by incentives or gaining a prize. I happen to be a person who is intrinsically motivated, or self-motivated.

Different ways people can stay motivated throughout their heart failure journeys

Setting realistic goals

One way to stay motivated is to define your goal and set realistic goals. The first step is to define your goal, what is the goal you are trying to achieve? A lot of the time the reason why we do not accomplish our goals is that we do not set realistic goals. For instance, let’s say you want to lose 30 pounds in a month, that may not be a realistic goal. Not only is it likely not realistic, but it is also unhealthy. Instead, it might help if you started with a smaller goal, like weekly goals. Instead of a number you know you are not going to hit, start with something like 1 to 2 pounds a week.

Postive self-talk

Thinking positively and practicing self-talk are other ways a person may be able to stay motivated. If you have social media, try following motivational pages. Self-talk is something I still struggle with. There is a constant battle between positive self-talk and negative self-talk in my mind. It is so easy for me to be negative and say negative things about myself. For instance, if you look in the mirror and say "I look terrible," that is negative self-talk. Instead of negatively reinforcing yourself say something like, "I am beautiful and I accept myself just the way I am." Another way to reinforce positivity in your life is saying affirmations to yourself because words have power and you will start believing the words you say to yourself.

Motivational media

Reading motivational books or listening to positive messages is another possible way to also help you to stay motivated. There are a lot of motivational speakers that you can find on YouTube and other social media platforms. Some examples of motivational speakers include Eric Thomas, Mel Robbins, and Iyanla Vanzant just to name a few.

Having faith

A way that I stay motivated is through my faith in God. In the morning, the first thing I do is pray and meditate. This is something I do in the morning because it sets the tone for my day. It doesn’t have to include prayer and meditation, it's just something that works for me and countless others. My faith in God is what keeps me grounded and sane. It also gives me the confidence needed to accomplish my goals. At the end of the meditation, I feel ready and equipped to take the day and crush my goals. Just because I am self-motivated does not mean that I have it all together or that I don’t struggle. Gratitude is something I have been practicing all this year. Being intentional about my goals is something to focus on for this new year.

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