Heart Failure Survey: Test Your Knowledge!

How much do you know about heart failure? We're about to find out! Answer the eight questions below and then see how you did.

Let’s get started!


Approximately how many people in the U.S. have heart failure?


How many people are affected by cardiovascular disease?


What are the symptoms of heart failure?


Which of the following methods is NOT used to diagnose heart failure?


True or False: Heart failure is the same as a heart attack.


Which is NOT an implanted medical device used for heart failure?


What is considered slightly below normal ejection fraction measurement?


Who is more likely to be diagnosed with heart failure?

How many did you get right?

0-1: Maybe it’s time to brush up on your HF knowledge. Start with learning the basics about HF.
2-3: You know a bit, but there’s still lots to learn! Maybe try reading up on how HF develops.
4-5: Not bad! It sounds like you’re ready to learn the nuances of living with HF. Check out this article on common HF myths and misconceptions.
6-8: Pro-status! You clearly have some experience with HF. Are you interested in sharing your experience with others so they can learn more? Tell us about your HF journey.

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