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A radio plays music while two people dance in the kitchen. A woman is singing into a spoon and a man is holding a frying pan with eggs.

The Meaning of Music in My Caregiving Journey

Music is my therapy. I can recall times listening to music and dancing around the house with no cares in the world except for feeling the beat. Musical therapy was our way to escape to another place and reminisce.

My mother's love for music

My mother loved music. She could select a song that would immediately uplift her mood. I could tell what mood she was in by the music she was listening to. My mother was musically inclined and loved to sing. I believe what helped her deal with her heart disease is her ability to allow music to take her mind off of the reality of what she was dealing with. At times, her heart failure caused fluid to affect her lungs causing her shortness of breath, yet that did not stop her from singing. Whenever she could not hold long notes or hit the high ones, I would fill in for her. That was the least I could do as her background vocalist right? I cared for her on many levels. I was her backup when she didn’t know she needed backup. I would drive her around and play the music she loved when she didn’t have the energy to lift her spirits up.

Music therapy for her heart failure

I felt it was important to do things to brighten her day. Listening to music and dancing around was always a good way to slide in some cardio which is important for heart healing. My mother and I bonded through music. Music was one of many things that connected us. We also loved to dance and when the music played we couldn’t help ourselves. When we would listen to music it was almost as if her mind would drift a way back to that time period. She would share stories of that specific time. She was such an amazing storyteller. She would make you feel as if you were there with her. Her stories were always so vividly detailed. I know it was a way for her to escape. She just needed to go back to a time when she wasn’t on a ton of medications and under the close eye of doctors. That is why I like to call it her music therapy because it made her feel better and sometimes I believe the song lyrics would speak to her and for her to get out and express the worries and things that were on her mind.

We often talked about music and how it can take you places in your mind. We appreciated the beautiful melodies, drums, and strings were her favorite. I believe anyone that knew her would agree that music was her first love (before she had children of course). She was my music teacher and through her love for music became my love for music, and that love brought us closer together. We were able to create wonderful memories that I hold near and dear to my heart through song. Every time I hear certain songs that remind me of her and the magical moments we shared. Just thinking of her and visualizing how she would smile and light up when her favorite songs played. I can see her singing and swaying to the music.

The meaning of music in my journey

Music that was once therapy to her is now therapy for me and I am forever grateful. And even though she is not here to listen and dance with me in this present moment, I will always dance to the music we would listen to together with her on my mind.

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