a tall black man with heart failure being carried and supported by many colored hands

Heart of a Giant Support System, Part 1: Even a Giant Needs Shoulders to Stand On

Last updated: March 2021

Life is by itself hard enough. Living with heart failure, I must fight for every day, I must work harder for everything - to live, to be fit and get stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. I must fight to remain motivated and hopeful about the future and to believe that all the hard work is worthwhile. Although I am an African giant, this is a tall order I couldn’t conquer by myself.

Daily life with heart failure

Day-to-day life with heart failure involves a lot: self-management, symptoms management, medication compliance, following liquid and diet restrictions, side effects, office visits, hospitalization, and of course, financial provision.

Having a good network of people who provide you with care and emotional support is essential. This network could consist of partners, family, mentors, coaches, trusted friends, colleagues, or community as well as medical professionals, people you can rely on when times get tough. Together, they not only help you navigate the day-to-day, but they also help decrease stress and worry.

Support comes in many forms: emotional (e.g., nurturance, esteem, or appraisal), informational (e.g., advice, guidance or useful information), or companionship (e.g., sense of belonging); tangible (e.g., financial assistance, material goods, or services) or intangible (e.g., personal advice, or career advice).

;Heart Failure advocate Bouba Diemé with his familyHeart Failure advocate Bouba Diemé's family photo wall

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