Let's Play This or That: Heart Failure Edition

Some people like this, others prefer that. Let us know where you stand by answering the questions below!

This or That

When I'm having a stressful day, it's easier for me to put my energy towards

Exercise is an essential component of most heart failure treatment plans, as is eating a well-rounded, nutritious diet.

This or That

I prefer to eat

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to meal size and frequency.

This or That

I typically have more energy in the

Has anyone noticed this changing throughout their life? How easy has it been to sleep lately? How about waking up?

This or That

I have had more success with

Conventional medicine is usually the first approach for people diagnosed with heart failure in the United States, but alternative treatment options exist.

This or That

I feel most comfortable seeking support

Both in-person and online support groups can be extremely beneficial for people living with heart failure.

This or That

I feel most comfortable seeking support from

What are the advantages of getting support from loved ones? How about medical professionals?

This or That

I more often experience

Mental health is a critical pillar of overall health. Let's keep the conversation going and support one another!

This or That

Coping with heart failure is more difficult during

Does the weather play a factor in how we experience heart failure?

This or That

I would love to learn more about

Many people living with heart failure have an implanted device and take medication.

This or That

My primary caregiver is

What does this person mean to you?

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