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The Heart Will Go On

Titanic movie watchers will remember this title song by Celine Dion. I have always been a hopeless romantic, so the song and the movie resonated. What really moved me were the lyrics and the timeless love story it encapsulated. As a heart patient, I’m fully aware of the phenomenon of a beating heart. I’ve fought so hard for mine. With that being said this article is dedicated to my beloved mother who recently transitioned.

A phenomenonal woman

My mother was a faithful, determined, proud, and courageous woman. I loved her immensely. She confronted every obstacle with grace and dignity. Her faith never wavered. Eventually, her weakened body could no longer shelter her indomitable will and huge spirit. She was granted eternal rest.

As I reflect on my mother’s life, I am reminded of the phenomenal woman she was and the lives that she touched along the way. My mother laid the foundation for all I am. She lived from her heart and never met a stranger. She knew the value of a kind word, a good deed, and a warm hug. “Treat others the way you want to be treated” was a mantra she exemplified.

My mother often said my heart made me special and she cautioned me to never deny all that is reflective of me. She said my scar was my badge of courage and it gave me another chance at life. Reconciling that my mother is no longer in human form is devastating. I am certain that my existence will never be the same.

The root to my tree

I watched my mother say farewell to three of my siblings. As I travel through this monumental season of loss without her, I have greater adoration for the mother I had. Through each and every loss she made a conscious choice to go on knowing that each child was securely encrypted in her heart. She carried them with her for the rest of her earthly existence.

The time has come for me to honor my mother’s life and fight on. It’s my turn to persist and triumph over the pain and obstacles that are before me. I am beckoned to apply the lessons and spread the love that she imparted. My story is not a romantic love story as written in The Titanic, it is the love story between a mother and her daughter whose bond can never be severed. My mother’s love is the root to my tree. That tree stands.

My mother knew that her heart would go on in the lives of all who were blessed to know her. I am proud to affirm that every beat of my heart echoes the legacy of such an incredible human being. To all who have lost a loved one from heart disease, chronic illnesses, or any circumstance, remember their love abides in your heart and soul. May the memories comfort you on the difficult days ahead. Love never dies. I wish you the strength to persevere and moments of joy to warm your heart.

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