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World Heart Day 2020

September 29th is World Heart Day 2020! World Heart Day was started by the World Heart Foundation as a way to raise awareness about the devastating global impact of cardiovascular disease (CVD).1

The global toll of CVD

About half of all deaths not resulting from communicable diseases are attributable to CVD. This makes it the most deadly chronic condition in the world, claiming the lives of roughly 18 million people every year.1 Further, it's estimated that 80% of premature deaths from CVD and stroke could have been avoided.1 This is tragic but also leaves room for great potential for improvement. We know how to prevent most cases of CVD - it's a question of whether or not we can educate and inspire one another to take the appropriate steps.


The official hashtag for World Heart Day 2020 is #UseHeart. The World Heart Foundation states that #UseHeart means also using your head, your influence, and your compassion.

Using your head

Using your head is learning what it means to live a heart-healthy life and creating + following a plan of action to do so.2 It means using your best judgment as often as possible so that you can thrive.

Using your influence

Using your influence means sharing your knowledge and best practices with others. It means being a positive role model for loved ones and strangers alike. Heart awareness is critical from the individual level all the way to the largest organizations and institutions.2

Using your compassion

Using your compassion means looking out for society's most vulnerable. It means listening to the pain of others and providing what you think they need most, be it information, help with daily tasks, or a supportive ear.2

More than just CVD

While the focus of World Heart Day is on CVD, many CVD patients are also struggling with other illnesses. Whether it's Type 2 Diabetes, COPD, depression, or any other condition, let's help one another navigate the challenging world of chronic illness.

Listen, speak up, and #UseHeart!

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