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Heart Failure Awareness Week 2022: Our Stories, Our Voices, Our Community

February is Heart Month and Heart Failure Awareness Week is set for February 14-20. This year we want to honor each and every one of you who have heart failure or are caring for someone living with heart failure. It can be so hard for our family, friends, coworkers, and even healthcare professionals to understand how challenging it is to live with heart failure. That is why it is important to have a community that truly understands.

This year for awareness week we want to hear your stories - your voices - and remind you that this community is your community. By sharing, we can connect with those newly diagnosed and those who have been navigating life with heart failure for a long time. Through sharing in our community, our advocacy and hope can grow and become stronger.

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Keep reading below to discover how you can share and join us this month in spreading heart failure awareness and continuing to build our community.

Different ways to connect

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Every week we send out a newsletter that features stories written by real people living with heart failure. We will always include a link to our community forums so you can check out the latest conversations related to heart failure.

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Our discussion forums are filled with community members asking questions, sharing information, and providing support to one another. There are conversations about symptom management, preparing for upcoming surgeries, needing support, the most challenging aspects of heart failure, and more.

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Share your story

Your story, your voice - it matters. It all makes a difference. Speaking out about your experiences is an act of advocacy. What was it like when you were diagnosed? Did your workplace offer you accommodations and support? How has your life changed since your diagnosis of heart failure? What are you looking for from this community?

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The more you connect with us, the more we can connect you with others who are living with heart failure. Did you know we are also on Facebook and Twitter?

A couple of months ago we posted on our Facebook page asking our community members why they come to this community page. Here's what 80+ of them had to say.

Connect with us today to get the most out of Heart Failure Awareness Week 2022 and share with us why you have come to our heart failure community page below.

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