Hidden from the Heart

I tried to ignore the symptoms of heart failure until I was a patient with heart failure, pneumonia, and a blood count of seven. It was too much to hide for very long. I nearly died from the four symptoms and was placed on 23 prescriptions to get me back to ground level.

I had heart failure with added problems including not being able to breathe. I sounded like a freight train as I tried to maneuver into the den with the dog. Nothing tasted right, and I was depressed until I decided to start looking at the good things such as survival.

Having a positive outlook

I live alone, and my dog Angel is my companion, so I had to get well for her. I looked into myself and saw that I had to be thankful for being a survivor and knew I had to try to get better for myself, not anyone else. I'm thankful for surviving all the odds and being one who can tell others that there is hope for us, even if we feel there are times we are hopeless. So we pant, cry, scream and sometimes feel like we are dying, but we are alive. Be thankful.

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