Cardiac Arrest

Hi my name is John and I'm a 65 yr old male. Back in September of 2018, my wife was about to get ready for work. Just prior, she heard a loud thump and found me unresponsive on our bedroom floor, she immediately dialed 911 while performing CPR on me. After EMTs arrived and confirmed that I had no pulse they hit me with paddles, still nothing. Then they hit me with the paddles a second time, still nothing. They then told my wife that we'll try once more and they did. Within a minute, I was conscious and fighting off the EMT's thinking that I had been in a fight.

Ejection fraction & implanted devices

When I arrive at MGH Emergency, my ejection fraction was 10. For the next few days, I had tests and it was decided that I needed a pacemaker and defibrillator installed. A few days later I was discharged with a bunch of medicines with an EF of 11. Within a couple of months, my EF rose to 19, then 34 a few months later, and after two weeks of inpatient physical therapy. Within 8-9 months of the cardiac arrest, my EF was up to 54%.

Finding more energy

Because of the Covid and still, now, I really have not been exercising. Gyms are still closed but I'm in the process of walking outside again and repairing an in-house exercise bike.

With Spring here I beginning to have a little bit more energy, but prior to the Covid restrictions and the gray & cold days, I was in a little bit of a funk.

I'm praying a lot more now and hoping to start eating better.


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