Could my newly recognised heart failure have anything to do with covid?

Up until last March 2022, apart from a few minor problems, I felt fine. So much so that I decided to do some DIY (I painted the inside of my wall-to-wall wardrobe). Three weeks later, I had the most painful pain in my shoulder blades. I was told to take Ibuprofen, which didn't help.

Then I started having shortness of breath and a heavy feeling over my chest. One day I even went into a shop to ask to use the fitting room to undo my bra as it was difficult to breathe.

After many x-rays of my back, it was found I had heart failure. How can one have heart failure without previous signs? My two sisters live in Australia, and recently both of their husbands developed dementia at the same time. Also, one has just found out he has heart failure too.

Is all this a coincidence or could it be caused by the many COVID-19 vaccines we all had?! There is a train of thought in that direction. The vaccines were rolled out so quickly, were they studied long enough?

Also, I keep asking how long will the beta blockers take to make a difference. I have been on them for three weeks and feel just the same. If I am doing anything at all in the way of exertion, I have to sit down every ten minutes.

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