A Walking Miracle

Let's first start off with the famous line I always get you are too young. I am a 34-year-old woman and I was recently diagnosed with heart disease which has been a bit of a struggle coming to terms with it but I am doing my best. I say always follow your gut and I did and here we go.

Not feeling like myself

About 2 years ago I began having chest pains and fatigue and was just not feeling myself I would lie in bed for hours with a heating pad. I made a doctor's appointment and they sent me to every doctor the cardiologist the gastrologist the lung doctor. I had so many tests done. I have been diagnosed with asthma and acid reflux which I do have but this was not what it was.

Searching for answers

Over the last year, it had gotten worse I was constantly going to the ER and they would do an ekg and bloodwork and it was fine. They sent me home told me it was nothing. The cardiologist did an EKG echo stress echo and bloodwork told me everything was fine everything showed nothing wrong. I kept telling them time and time again that there was a blockage in my heart I knew it and I could tell that is what it is. Then 3 weeks ago I drove myself to the ER prayed to God not to take me while driving. The EKG came back not good the stress and echo and ultrasound came back not good. There was a lack of oxygen. The cardiologist said that a heart cath, even though it had risk, was what I needed.

Dealing with major complications

I finally felt I would get some answers. I knew there was a blockage but was hoping something small maybe nothing and could move on. Got in the cath lab and it was 100% blockage of the left circumflex a big artery that pumps oxygen, I had a complication on the table lots of blood pressure and oxygen they brought me to after putting 2 stents in. I went home the next day. The following day I took a nap woke up to having a heart attack and by the way no damage to my heart from the heart attack I was rushed back to the ER and back to the cath lab where they found edge dissection and another cardiologist put the third stent right by it.

You are never too young

I am now home and have been for two weeks and will begin cardiac rehab this week. This has become a struggle to try and figure out what happens. I was walking on a ticking time bomb a widowmaker if you will and god was pumping oxygen making it around my heart keeping me alive. You are never too young that is what I tell people. This is a struggle daily but I am trying hard. I was a smoker I did not always eat healthily but I did eat vegetable fruits and it was not like I ate out every day because I didn't we ate out sometimes here and there. There is no heart disease that runs in my family that we know of. So this can happen to anyone at any age. I am glad to share my story. I am a walking living miracle. Thank you to the doctors who saved my life and thank you to Jesus and God for keeping me here and saving my life as well.

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