Heart Failure Becoming More Real

Last updated: October 2020

Had a mild heart attack 19 yrs ago, but in 2016 I was told I have diastolic heart failure. But lately, within the last 6 months, especially more so in less time, been having shortness of breath every time I walk anywhere. And not even long distances. Had a recent hospital stay with 0 results from tests showing any problems. Even a recent angiogram. Did not need another stent but this shortness of breath is a real deal & frustrating that at 62, I feel much older & I'm bummed about it because I'm not in good shape nor have been for many years.

Taking heart failure more seriously

I hadn't taken it seriously til more recently but I still feel like, what's the point in improving my life when I've tried in the past with various diets and I do not exercise with arthritic knees. Mentally, I'm between a rock & a hard place & trying to wrap my head around what the heart specialist told me at my hospital stay that if I don't change, I might have 5-8 yrs left of my life. I get that but I'm in a mode of just not caring. If I cared, I'd have taken care of myself when in my 20's & possibly avoided all this health chaos in my life now. I'm not a depressed person but can see how this can push someone toward that. I truly want to live for my grown adult children & one day, grandbabies but I don't have it in me to care.😟 Thanks for the time to spill my thoughts.

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