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Abdominal Distension

After an accident and two operations on my left foot, I had a pulmonary embolism followed by right-sided heart failure. Initially, I was on a frusemide pump for two weeks trying to get out the excess fluid I had taken on. Then I was taken to coronary care for more intensive meds for 10 days. Before, I was actually losing weight due to fluid loss.

My problem is since then my abdomen has become distended, despite being on bumetanide 3 mg twice a day and two spironolactone tablets in the morning. I feel I pass no more urine than I have in life. My feet and ankles swell if I am sitting with my feet down (I usually sit with raised feet, no swelling then). But I have to buy such large clothes, and thank goodness for elastic waist trousers.

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I’ve had an ultrasound and CT scan. They show no free fluid, but it could be fluid in my abdomen tissues. I must add, since two operations on my foot, I am unable to walk other than aided around the house, and I obviously gained weight (I have now lost three stone without exercise).

Does anybody else look 7-8 months pregnant? But at least it doesn’t kick !!!!!

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