Jesus is the Answer

When I was first diagnosed in the latter month of 2019, at first it was acute bronchitis. One Sunday night it was storming, and prior to that, I had experienced shortness of breath one or two times. I did not think anything was wrong because when I stopped to rest it would go away.

On that stormy Sunday night, it did not go away right away, it lingered. I sat in my car and prayed to the Lord, if he would let me make it to the following day I would get myself to a doctor, and I did. I was diagnosed with heart failure, and my ejection fraction rate was 25-30%. The cardiologist prescribed blood pressure medicine and a number of tests to determine the cause, which was hypertension. Since then I have lost 29 lbs.

I trust God with all that's in me. I thank him for helping and guiding me. I WALK AND TALK WITH HIM EVERY DAY, AND NOW MY HEART FUNCTIONS 40-50%. I KNOW THAT GOD GOT ME.

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