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I was feeling great, until...

I thought I was healthy, maintaining an active lifestyle and exercising at least three times a week. I took a short train ride for a medical appointment. The minute I stepped on the train I didn't feel well with chest pains, sweating, and nausea. I burped and thought it was just gas and went to my destination and started walking to the doctor's office. I was feeling worse and decided I needed medical attention.

What came next was scary

I went to a local radiology office and asked them to call me an ambulance saying I think I was having a heart attack and could they please call an ambulance. After a cath lab visit and a stent, I later went to another hospital for quadruple bypass surgery.

The good news

The good news is that my family found me the best surgeon they could find based on reviews and my cardiologist now seems to be (frankly) slightly senile (had to ask the nurse how much of dose he usually prescribes for a certain water pill) but it was comforting when I went for a pee test that his name was on the wing of the Cath lab at my local hospital- I guess I have the right cardiologist.

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