Friend has Heart Failure

Recently, my friend found out that he has heart failure. He couldn't understand how he got it and said he's been healthy all his life. I told him that I wondered the same thing, but sometimes it's out of your hands.

My advice to him

Lately, he keeps getting fluid buildup and is always going to the hospital for his heart failure. He asked me how long it's been since I was diagnosed with it. For me, it was about six years ago. He doesn't understand how I feel good all the time and avoid getting fluid buildup as he does.

I told him that he needed to get out to exercise, like walking, change his diet, and stay positive. I told him that the more positive attitude you have, the better you'll start to feel about everything. Try not to think about your heart failure, and it'll make you feel less like an old man (lol). I'm 50, and I feel like I'm 25 again.

I don't let heart failure slow me down

The only thing heart failure has done for me is make me enjoy life a whole lot more. I still work in construction and enjoy all my hobbies. I never let my condition slow me down. I'm not ready for the rocking chair yet (lol)!

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