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Heart Failure.

I had two stents put it in 2004. Everything seemed fine until 2017. I just wasn't feeling right so I went to the emergency room. They admitted me. My doctors ran test after test, and my ejection fraction was 15%. I stayed in the hospital for two weeks trying to get my EF to go up, but it wouldn't go up. So they sent me home with a life vest and continued intense medicine therapy for 5 months.

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Well my EF never went up from 15%. The goal was to get my EF to 25 to 30% so they could do open heart surgery. My only choice was an ICD implant. I'm now thinking about getting a heart transplant since my days are numbered. I originally didn't want to do a transplant, but now I'm considering the transplant.

I would like any feedback or to hear from anybody else in the same situation. Then the pandemic hits, and I did get vaccinated but am too scared to go anywhere. I have barely left the house in over two years afraid I'll die if I get it. I don't sleep either because I'm afraid if I fall asleep and my heart stops my defibrillator won't work. So stressed.

1980 my first Kawi

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