Non-Invasive Route for CHF Management

My heart journey started with a damaging, silent heart attack at age 38. The damage destroyed 25% of my left ventricle, putting me in CHF. Along the way, I developed, VTAC and was given an ICD to pace the rhythm and protect against major VTAC episodes. I have now had five of them.

Too high risk

So like most patients, I have gone through all the tests, tried a wide range of drugs, tried to live better. However, all in all, I did not do too well at that. I have not been able to control my weight, between meds and lack of self-control. My CHF has taken its expected toll and has traveled on the progressive path. My breathing has now gotten to where I need O2 almost 24 hours a day. I can not walk more than about 25 yards even with the oxygen, without stopping. Last week I had an angiogram. The doctor said that he would normally recommend bypass surgery, but I am obese and have severe breathing problems, all making me very high risk.

No more invasive surgeries

I had one open chest surgery so I know what it is like. I believe now at age 72, I could not survive that and fight to recover. So basically, I can see the end. I will continue to do any non-invasive things I can. However, I do not believe I could do the surgery. I don't feel I can do much to improve this.

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