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Feeling Overwhelmed

I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF) this past February. I had eluted stents placed in my arteries in March.

Heart failure lifestyle changes

Fortunately for me, this past July, my condition was diagnosed as being in nearly complete remission. The price I paid, and am currently paying, is one that is very boring and very bereft of any true enjoyment.

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I have had to follow a dietary regimen of 2000mg of sodium and 12g or less (of each) per day. I can't tell you how bland my meals have to be to stay within those limits. Additionally, I find myself having to achieve about five miles three to four times per week for exercise.

Living a life I can't enjoy

I get it, I made plenty of poor choices when I was in my 20s-40's: I just wish that living a quality life post-CHF diagnosis was more enjoyable. Frankly, there are days when I would rather just be dead than have to go through the forced machinations of eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise each week.

I don't know how anybody is able to do this long-term for their entire life. How does everybody else do it? More often than not I would rather be one and done with everything than have to lead a life that forces me to live a life I cannot completely enjoy.

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