My Will

My terminal diagnosis came five years ago. Thank the Lord that I was given enough notice. It has taken me two years to complete my last will and testament, but it changes every six months as I add new assets or sell assets.

Life changes forced me to update and amend my will. There are account numbers, passwords, POD names and phone numbers, funeral arrangements to be made, an administrator to be named to complete my wishes, and medical equipment companies with phone numbers to pick up equipment after my demise.

So much to do

Along with every detail to complete, I am fighting against time and major depression. I am also cleaning out closets, drawers, and listing and packing items to be donated or trashed. There is so much to do.

My funeral arrangements have been completed along with details, flowers, and songs. My obituary and list of family members to be contacted have been written. I paid for the food to be served after services with gift cards. I have tried to include everything I can think of so that my kids won't have anything to worry about.

My debts have been paid, and services too. Good luck to everyone and god bless. Hug your family members as much as you can.❤️

Lung disease

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