I did what?

I woke up Monday morning and could not breathe! Thank goodness my son was home! I called and called him, and he finally came. He had been in the shower! He called 911 and got an ambulance. After that, I don’t remember anything but what I was told. I had pneumonia and a heart attack!

They kept me alive to clear up pneumonia before tackling my heart (they did treat it). By the second day, I had two more heart attacks! At 8:00 PM I received a stent in one artery. I stayed in ICU for the next four days and moved to a private room for two days.

I now take twelve pills in the morning and six or seven at night. Now because I get out of breath so easily I don’t get out of the house much. I don’t do much in the house because I am in pain most days with arthritis. I’m 80 years old and live with my son and his wife. Oops, forgot my two cats! But my son and his wife take very good care of me!

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