The Journey Starts From Birth

If you have experienced cardiovascular or vascular disease, you may be familiar with the causes after experiencing the symptoms and getting treatment. Once getting a diagnosis, consider that you could have a different condition such as mitral valve disease, heart failure, heart attack, AAA, angina/stable angina. The list is endless.

So what could you have done different years back to have avoided any of the above conditions? For many, the start of the journey is the development of coronary artery disease.

My heart failure diagnosis story

So my story is this: after three heart attacks followed by quadruple CABG and more recently, an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, I had an ICD implanted with an additional diagnosis of NYHA II heart failure with a reduced ejection fraction of 34%. So my question is, what could I have done differently growing up as a teenager to an adult and into later life now in my 60's to have avoided my diagnosis?

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