Confounded Clara

After a heart catherization in 2020, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF). The BNP was 289 and the ejection fraction 70%. My cardiologist ordered an echocardiogram on September 29th, and the ejection fraction was still 70%. I had blood labs ordered also, and the BNP was 9.

Diagnosed with right-sided heart failure

What confuses me is after asking my cardiologist, "With this data, how could I have CHF?" He said it's possible to have the symptoms. He went on to say that COPD is also affecting my heart (right-sided heart failure). In addition, I have pulmonary hypertension.

I am so confused! The only treatment they gave me is Torsemide, which is a diuretic. I try to do my research on these conditions but I am not understanding. I am 70 years old.

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