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Advocating For Yourself

So I was working a 9-5, I thought I was exposed to strep throat so I went to the ER, they said it was pneumonia. Over the next few days whenever I did anything I was so out of breath exhausted so I went back to ER, and was diagnosed with CHF at the age of 55. Sometime before had a full hysterectomy during my stay in the hospital I contracted E.coli, during this time I had daily chest pain, reported to my doctor, who said I didn't touch your heart, but there is water on your breast that could be it.

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I complained to the nurses who thought I was drug seeking, again I'm in for hysterectomy so no one even thought to check my heart, the E.coli infection ate my heart up, but was not diagnosed until more than a year later. Of course, I can't prove that's how and when I got it but I know. The moral of my story is I should have continued complaining about the chest pain and asked for a cardiologist you have to advocate for yourself, no one else will.

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