Stage-Four Congestive Heart Failure

So I was diagnosed in 2021 with a hidden heart attack, then stage-four congestive heart failure (CHF), then an autoimmune disorder attacked me. This caused my skin to be covered with fungus which makes me tired, and of course, I got COVID too. All of this along with an arrhythmia in April of this year that caused blood clots in my lungs. This created a new breathing problem and I am unable to tell these symptoms apart from the problems with my heart.

It is hard for me to tell if the energy loss I experience is from a heart issue or an autoimmune deficiency. I was told that if my outward appearance is being caused by things on the inside, then what do you think the inside is hurting? When my doctor said, "Thank God, you had the shots." I looked at him and said, "I didn't take them." He replied in shock, "Why aren't you dead?"

I looked up the stage-four CHF, and it says I should be in a nursing home. I still work, but at times, I think the work I try doing is tiresome. I have to stop or take a few rests when I work.

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