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CABG Surgery... Need Advice

My father who is 70 suffered a mild attack and at one point we were told that there was no heart attack by the hospital.

An angioplasty was done and we were informed a CABG was the better option.

I am really worried with the complications of surgery especially with the heart.

He feels really well in himself so i dont know what to do.

It would be good to hear if anyone give me some support and advice in this.

I dont want to lose him. He means the world to me. Im just not ready for that in my life right now.

  1. HI. Thank you for your post. Your concern here is a valid one, and one I have heard from other members of the community over the years. The decision as to whether or not to allow someone to do surgery on your heart (or in this case your dad's heart) is a difficult one to make. I do look forward to others in this community providing their advice here. In the meantime, I do have something to add. It looks to me, based on what you describe, that your dad is in a good position. His doctors have determined that he may benefit from the CABG procedure while he is still in good health overall. And keep in mind that doctors have been performing this procedure for more than two decades, and have gotten pretty good at it. And so I think that the success rate is rather high. And I have talked to many people who have had this procedure, and nearly all of them said they feel so much better knowing their heart is fixed. So, I would think, based on your concerns about this surgery, that maybe it would be a good idea to schedule another appointment with your doctor who recommended this to discuss this very topic. Perhaps he/she can provide you and your dad with further information as to allay any concerns that you have, and perhaps help you and your dad make the decision you both feel is best. What do you think? John. community moderator.

    1. Hi John. Thank you so much for your reply.

      Its good to some feedback from other people in the know how.

      I have just come out a chat with the ward doctor who said they feel CABG was the best option as 3 arteries were not blocked but narrow so to avoid an heart attack its best to do the CABG.

      He assured us that only 1% to 2% have complications and the risks are very low with a high success rate.

      We have been offered stoke hospital but with a wait for 1 to 2 weeks until a bed comes available.

      I was reading which is the best hospital as in your head you want the best right.. So Royal Papworth was coming and Stoke was not too far behind. I dont know if i should be looking into this too far.

      The doctor said this is a really good warning for us at this stage and hopefully the surgery will be a success.

      Just really worried the complications and risks but with the high sucess rate this gives some kind of reassurance.

      I really hope it goes all well.

  2. Thank you for the update. I am glad to hear you had a chance to talk with the doctor. Here's wishing you and your dad all the best. And please do keep us posted what you decide and how things are going moving forward. John. community moderator.

    1. Hi Everyone.

      We now got a surgery date for 04/07...i think im more nervous than my father.

      We got Royal Stoke so just wondering if anyone has had this hospital and any reviews.

      I have checked its data and consultants and seem to be really well as expected national level at 97.7%

      Any tips would be good pre and post surgery


      1. Hi @communitymember629! I wanted to wish you and your father the best of luck with his surgery! While I have never heard of that hospital, those results sound great! Would love if others could chime in about pre/post-op tips. Hang in there! -Jessica, Team Member

    2. On this subject I am not and do not intend to be a ray of sunshine. I am just going to tell you my position. I am 73 years old. I have been suffering from CHF for 35 years. My condition has been on a steady decline, luckily slowly. My breathing is horrible and I am on O2 24/7. I had a heart attack that started the whole story and damaged 25% of my left ventricle, which is dead. That was caused by a total blockage of the LAD. A recent angiogram shows many other blockages. They have talked about CBG and or multiple stents. I have heard of people not surviving those when they start out at high risk like me. I do not feel I have the strength to do it, so I am waiting it out.

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