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Christmas coming up

Always a fun exciting time BUT I am responsible for shopping for 7 grandkids & 5 adults. Just the thought of this is exhausting!! I am buying online as much as possible but the wrapping, decorating, etc. I just don’t know where I will find the energy.

  1. I hear you, . Shopping for Christmas can certainly feel like the last leg of a marathon, especially with such a large group. One of the things I do to help with the wrapping is recruit my teenage daughter, who just LOVES wrapping presents and helping out. Do you have someone who would be willing to help you out? And then I just have to wrap her presents. Another strategy that others in this community have used is breaking the task into smaller tasks. For instance, wrapping one or two presents a day. And, of course, while wrapping, play Christmas tunes to boost the spirit and, of course, think of the joy you're bringing those 7 grandkids & 5 adults -- which is the greatest gift of all. What do you think? John. community moderator.

    1. That is a lot of shopping and wrapping for sure, spacing it out will make a big difference. Hopefully, your family can jump in and help with all the decorating too. Even the grandkids could get in on decorating. Do they know that you need help with this? - Clair Moderator

      1. Wow! I would say try to space it out like said. You don't have to get them all at one time. A lot of the time you can get gifts wrapped at the store you buy them from free of charge. Also getting bags instead of wrapping will also help. Take a deep breath and don't stress yourself out. I hope this helped you, wishing you all the best! -Olivia

        1. J would definitely get all the gifts online. It may cause more stress dealing with crowds and stressing over seeing if the items you want are even in the store. Not only that stress can be a factor of arrhythmias, which are no fun. Hope you are doing well. And thank you for sharing. Leslie (Community Moderator)

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