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Ejection fraction

Hi. I am a newbie for this forum and would appreciate some imput. Until 3/18/2021 I thought I was a healthy individual, having exercised and keeping in generally good physical shape. Then I stepped on a train and had chest pain, sweating and nausea. At the hospital they said my left artery was 100% clogged and I underwent a procedure and insertion of a stent and heart pump. My other arteries were so clogged and I was then sent to another hospital where I got a quadruple bypass. I recently had some new chest pain (about three mos after the heart surgery) and had a nuclear stress test and echo cardiogram which showed some issues with my left ventricle and an ejection fraction of 34%. I was prescribed Eliquis and enalipril in addition to my other blood pressure medicine. Does anyone know if my ejection fraction will increase or what my chances are of getting back to a healthy lifestyle?

  1. Hi, my EF was 26. Six months later it was 60. Nobody guessed it. I am not out of the woods but an EF can rise. Remain healthy, do what you can do and try not to worry, (easier said). Keep asking questions. Things take time as well, remember that. Hang in there.

    1. Thanks, GMGM. Is there anything I could do as a patient to increase my EF besides diet and exercise? Was there any medication you took to get the EF there?

      1. Thanks for that info, Troyanna. I am on Metoprolol along with Enalapril, and am taking Eliquis 2x daily. My cardiologist has scheduled me for a follow up MRI in August so I guess he is following the protocol. As for exercise I am Cardiac rehab 3x a week and after three months will then go back to the gym (that I was doing before COVID) to try to get in shape enough to do a 5K that I was doing once a year prior to my heart attack and surgery. That you were able to increase your EF was encouraging!

      2. Hi. They expected my EF to go to about 35,so 60 was a surprise. I don’t know what it is now. I am on Beta blocker, anticoagulant, fluid restriction, bp tablet, AF tablet. I still think there are other factors than EF that determin strength of heart. I still have questions I want to ask.

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