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So tired all the time, I'm fighting it aggressively, however I'm tired of the struggle.

  1. Hey , I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you, but you are so strong for fighting! Unfortunately, this is something many here have dealt with, so you are definitely not alone. Are you able to get any support from friends or family? Please know we are always here for support! Wishing you a better day tomorrow. -Jessica, Team Member

    1. Me too. Every day…..

      1. Hi there, fatigue can be a tough symptom of heart failure. Have you been dealing with fatigue for long? Sometimes something as simple as opening the curtains and letting in the sunlight can help with fatigue. I'm linking an article that discusses ways to battle fatigue. I hope that you find this helpful! -Lauren (team member)

    2. As a heart failure survivor I can truly sympathize with the feeling of being fatigued. Sometimes even getting out of bed is a struggle. I know that being fatigued can make everything feel like things will never get better. You're going to have good days and you are definitely going to have bad days, but the key is to think positively and never give up. Take things slowly and give yourself some grace. Wishing you both all the best! -Olivia

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