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Help: My Father's Ejection Fraction

Hello All,

My dad recently had some tests run, a stress test and an echo. He had a heart attack back in 1997 at the age of 48, triple bypass and is still going strong at 72. Recently, he had a 37% EF score and I believe the issue has to do with his left ventricle. I'm worried about him, most info on EF scores and HF are all over from positive long term survival to a few years. He is fit, walks all the time, eats well and has been under his cardiologist supervision. He is going tomorrow to discuss with his Dr. and my mom is a mess and is fearing the worse as am I. He is so full of life and its hard to believe this is even happening. Looking for some input from those going through or are close to those who have some input on this type of situation and what to expect.

  1. just wanted to follow up and see how the appointment went for your dad. Sending you much love and positivity. - John M. ( Team)

    1. Hi @JohnsDad77 I recently had my LVAD decommissioned and my EF is around 35%. Take comfort in knowing that the physicians do not rely solely on EF when evaluating HF. My physicians told me that as long as I am not showing symptoms, it is all about managing medications and keeping your heart strong. If your dad is on medication and not showing any other signs/symptoms of HF, then chances are he is probably doing ok. Keep him encouraged and stay positive.

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