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Labored breath

Has anyone had so much trouble breathing that you can’t do anything?

  1. Yea definitely. And sometimes it feels like my belly is pushing up into my lungs!!!

    1. Yes I have just prioritize what I chose to do and when

      1. Having difficulty breathing is very common among heart failure patients. For many of us, it is associated with fluid build up in the lungs. Our editorial team did a nice feature on shortness of breath: Out of curiosity, are you having difficulty managing your fluid levels?

        1. I have been going to the doctors and hospital for over a year and just noticed that I am having trouble breathing but the doctors don't hear anything when they check me. Yet breathing is hard. Sitting in my chair and breathing hard. Sometimes just wish it would happen! Tired of this feeling!

          1. Hi. Sorry for the late reply. I am just getting caught up from my vacation. I see it has been a while since you posted. How are you doing today? John. community moderator.

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