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Multiple Issues, Not Just HF

I would like to know how one copes with multiple diseases including HF (20% EF). Mentally, it is a challenge for me to stay positive. I have Chronic Pancreatitis, Chronic Kidney Disease, Heart Failure due to several MI's and Prinzmetal to name a few. I also had a bad summer and came down with Pneumonia which lead to C Diff which has now lead to colitis which I was recently diagnosed. Everything is snow balling for me and though I try to stay is very hard. Is anyone dealing with multiple issues and if so, how are you coping? I am a wife, grandmother and own a small business with my husband and find it increasingly hard to manage any of it. I am a small woman weighing 98 lbs and I find that doctors prescribe medications in full dose when I think a smaller dose is best to start. Am I wrong?

  1. Thank you for sharing so openly with us. I admire your courage and strength in persevering through such obstacles. First, you are certainly not alone in dealing with multiple illnesses and I'm hopeful that a community member(s) will chime in.

    In the meantime, might you be able to seek a second opinion from a healthcare professional? We've seen this help many people feel better about their treatment plan (for example with medication and dosing) and it might do the same for you.

    Thank you again for stopping by and wishing you all the best. - John M. ( Team)

    1. Thank you John for your kind words. I am fortunate enough to have great doctors some of which I have been with for years and trust greatly. I will certainly question my drug prescriptions, and have in the past. Just thought someone might have a similar situation or comment.
      Best Regards,

    2. Thanks for sharing that and please keep us posted on how you're doing! - John M. ( Team)

  2. You are definitely not alone. I deal with heart disease as well as diabetes and A Disease called Desmin Myopathy. Staying positive is very hard but I have learned acceptance and support from family and friends speaking positively into my life helped me tremendously. Writing your feelings down in a journal is such relief when that friend of family is not available.
    Kimberly ( Team)

    1. Thank you Kimberly for your kind words and support. A journal is a great idea. So sorry about your illnesses. You look so young in your pic to have these things. 🙁
      My Best Regards,

    2. Your so welcome and yes I am. I'm 31 been dealing with it since I was 12. I just learn to accept it and deal with it over the years.
      THANK YOU!!!!!
      Kimberly ( Team)

  3. I'm an advocate for both and for, so I know what it's like to have multiple challenges. Fortunately, my health has been good since taking action for both conditions, but I still spend time thinking about the way they impact my life. I'd rather not have to spend time on those thoughts, but I'm grateful that my overall health is good. Staying positive and good medical care have made a big difference for me.

    1. @ahvccenter Hi! I agree, when members are courageous and share their journey, everyone is able to learn!

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