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My heart keeps stopping

10 pm last week when walking in kitchen , felt a really strong thund in middle of my chest,

at 11/30pm I had tight heavy feeling in the same area lasting for 2 seconds,

At the time I was checking my pulse on an oximeter as it felt fast, When it happend I seen the lines on it Go flat for 2 seconds before it registerd a heart beat and normal up and down lines So I know for sure my heart stopped for 2 seconds that time.

At 4 am and 4:24 AM in the morning it happend again but this time it was shortner less than a second

I have had episodes like this for past year but last nigts felt the worse and lasted the longest,

Im scared that next time this happens my heart wont re start it self.

Ive been A and E many times in past for chest pain and had ecgs and normal

I believe there could be a serious underlying condetion causing this to happen which isnt being picked up on

Cause your heart stoppimg for a few seconds is not normal.

It happens every day multiple times, it makes me jump almost the feeling when it happens is horrible It almost feels like my

heart gets blocked and then unblocks it self.

I have had episdoes of this for past few years but only use to have every few weeks or even months apart and thought nothing of it,

Its only recently its been every day and getting worse.

I feal so weak and ill like my body is giving up on me, last few nights ive been going to bed thinking im gonn die in my sleep

i HAVE been in my bed 20 hours of the day sleeping for most of it, waking up ever 20 mins with both hands dead.

I am also 26 yo who is 26 stone, Which scares me that I have plaque filled artiers in my heart which is causing all this and the blood

can not pump normally. I am so scared no matter which GP or a and e I go to they never seem to care or beleive me, and say im to youngfor anything serious ect.

  1. Hi. Sorry to hear you are having to experience this. I am sorry you have had a GP or other doctors who do not seem to take you seriously. It is certainly not uncommon for people in their 20s to have symptoms similar to what you are explaining. Have you had an opportunity to talk with a heart specialist such as a cardiologist about the symptom you are experiencing? A cardiologist may be able to order tests other than an EKG (such as a Holter monitor or zio patch ( to help you determine the exact cause of your symptoms. And this doctor may also be able to tell you if your condition is serious or something that may just be normal for you. What do you think? John. community moderator.

    1. Hi. It has been a while since you posted. I am just curious how you are doing? Have you had a chance to talk to a doctor about your symptoms? John. community moderator.

      1. @ahvccenter You have not messaged me at all?

    2. Thank you for the update. Hope all goes well for you. John. community moderator.

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