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Should I be concerned

Hi. I am hoping to see the opinions of others.

I am 42 years old. Earlier this year I weighed 434 pounds, and I am down to 384 pounds. So I am still grossly overweight.

I have had high BP for years. I was recently told I am prediabetic. These two things are the primary reason for motivated weight loss.

Due to chest pain, my doctor gave me a stress test which showed some "hardening" but nothing of concern. My BP during the test got up to over 190/90 which again no one was concerned with. This took place in June of this year.

Since June my BP top number is not coming down at all, but the bottom number is. I average about 140/70. My RHR is also way down from roughly 70 to 58, and at night 50. These numbers concern me. I'd be happy to answer any other questions I can about information I didn't include, and I am talking with my Dr about this who, based on the stress test, is not worried.

My question for here is, would you be concerned about your heart in my situation? If so, how concerned? Is the RHR and low bottom number BP with high top concerning? Is my Dr blowing me off?

  1. Hello and thank you so much for your post. I'm hopeful that other community members will chime in, but I'd just like to say that I admire your courage in sharing with us and am impressed by the keen attention you give your health data. Might you be able to seek a second (or third) opinion as a way to ease your mind? We know it's not always possible to do so but some people have found it greatly beneficial. Thanks again for stopping by and wishing you a peaceful day. - John M. ( Team)

    1. A nurse told as long as the is BP 140/90 are less you are okay. The fact that you are pre-diabetic means there is hope and with a good diet and exercise you will be okay. Great Job on losing 50 lbs.
      Kimberly ( Team)

      1. first congratulations for the weight loss you've had! That's a great start to a healthier life regardless of your diagnosis. As far as whether or not to be concerned about your heart, all of us should be concerned about our hearts because symptoms of heart problems can look like something else. Many find out after more aggressive treatments are needed. Additionally think of heart problems like a chip in your windshield. It probably isms that bad or doesn't get worse for a long time. However, the wrong temperature change or another hit in the same spot could cause it to spread a little or out of control. Now, w what I'm most concerned with is that you think your doctor is blowing you off. If you feel that way, GET ANOTHER MEDICAL OPINION! Your gut, no matter how big or small 😀) is usually right. If necessary, get a third. Keep going until you feel you're being heard, and if nothing is wrong, then so be it. - Latoya (, Moderator)

        1. I was up to almost 300 and now down to 201. My Blood pressure has been high like yours for many years. Mine was 170/98 and more and no one ever worries. I guess I have to be feeling terrible with it because I was going to have a test done and I said I was not feeling well. They took my BP and admitted me. Maybe you should get another opinion. I did and the doctor put a heart monitor in my chest because I passed out in the hospital.

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