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I was found to have heart failure 2019

They told me about 3 to 5 years to live. I knew someone who lived 18 years. I don’t like lumping everyone into 3 to 5 years. EF is fairly good. Can people please tell me if they’ve lived so far fairly long with HF? There’s C no support group in my city. That’s sad. Makes me feel alone.

  1. Thank you for sharing with our community. You are not alone here. It's definitely scary getting that 3-5 years to live speech, but many of our community members have been living with heart failure for 10+ years. It really just depends on how controlled or managed your condition is. How do you feel most of the time? I am really glad you joined our community. ❤️ Best, Amani ( team)

    1. I felt all alone. Bless you for reaching out! I am Amy. I am 67. I had a rare cancer in 2014. 2 out of 100,000 a year get it and die in 12 months. It’s not been studied really as to losing 2 lives a year isn’t enough. But I’m here. I’m a case study. Second round chemo emergency. Kidneys dropped to stage 3. They have dropped off and on with that Dr also saying you’re going to die call family. But so far I’ve bounced back to stage 3. I’m diabetic. Lupus. Lung issues with sacs and asthma. 2019 found the heart failure thanks to my lung Dr. I have good heart muscle and valve. Diastolic failure. Right now heel tendon issues. Seeing a foot dr. I got tired of all my many doctors saying I’m dying. Last visit recently I put my hand up when they talked about I should enjoy a more fun while I can. I said stop the dying talk. I’ve been listening to every Dr say it at every visit. That’s not appropriate. I was leaving in years. Have depression. I’m trying to live like we all want to. I want to see my family. They are not in my state. I see daughter and grandson once a year. Don about 3 times a year. This doesn’t help but it’s money getting in the way. No support groups here. I can’t be the only person in my city sick. Why no support groups. It makes me feel alone. I am so glad you reached out. I do hope others do!!! I can’t thank you enough.

      1. oh my gosh I feel alone too and glad we found this group.

      2. I'm glad both of you are here. There is also support in our Facebook community. If you don't feel like you have enough support in your local area, talk to your team about starting one at your local hospital or clinic. Also, feel free to post where you are located so that others in this community might be able to direct you to local resources in your area.

    2. NO one supports or writes on this site!

      1. I'm here to support at all times
        Kimberly ( Team)

      2. What type of support do you feel you need?

    3. I had those same scares dealing with Heart Failure but there is a bright side and there is life after heart disease. You just have to figure that life out, and it can be a good life if you make it. It will not always be easy but from experience you will develop the strength to handle it.
      Kimberly ( Team)

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