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Well had Covid again last week

Still getting over it. It attacked my heart last time & gave me chf. I was given antiviral medicine this time. This is day 7. But I’m feeling like I’m suffocating again in my chest like last time🙁 I haven’t slept the past 2 night’s worrying it’s going to send me to the hospital again.

  1. Hi. Again. So sorry to hear that you are having to deal with COVID all over again. It must be incredibly challenging to navigate through this, especially considering your previous experience with heart complications. I see it has been two days since you posted. How are you doing today? I do hope you are feeling better? John. community moderator.

    1. I’m sorry to hear all this is happening. It can be very frustrating. Hopefully everything subsides soon and you aren’t admitted to the hospital for Covid again. Leslie (Community Moderator)

      1. Thanks. I am finally about over it. The anxiety was pretty bad just worrying about it. Thanks for the well wishes.

        1. Thank you for the update. It's great to hear that you're starting to feel better and that the anxiety is easing up. Wishing you all the best. John. community moderator.

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