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Breastfeeding and Medication

Those that have been on my journey with me know that I had a baby girl 6 months ago. It has been the ultimate blessing to have her in my life, especially after losing my son 7 years ago. I personally did not think it would ever happen for me, and in my heart I accepted that children were not going to be a part of my life story. Turns out God had other plans and I am so grateful for it. Now that I have her I feel complete.

Medication changes, and new routines: Pregnancy with heart failure

When I was pregnant with her I was on certain medications that I had to stop taking, in order to have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby. Some medications I had to continue taking, and some were added to ensure a healthy mother while carrying my daughter. Having heart disease and becoming pregnant is one tricky rollercoaster, but I have also learned that if you stay on top of things and follow doctors' orders the rollercoaster does not feel so bad.

Nevertheless, it doesn't take away the stress and uncertainty on the journey. Yes, the focus was the baby and me, but for me, my focus was MEDICATION MEDICATION MEDICATION!!!! Making sure I didn't miss a dose, making sure I was taking all my medicine at the right times/on time. Keeping up with my levels just in case a level went up or down. I had to always make sure I was taking the right dose at all times. Which was very stressful at times and required me to always be at the doctor's or getting labs done.

Working with my doctor to create a safe breastfeeding and medication plan

I took two heart medications for my transplant and one was put on hold because of the pregnancy which brought me to where I am today. The baby is here doing great, strong, and healthy. I decided I wanted to breastfeed her as I did my son when I gave birth to him. The medication that I was taken off during my pregnancy was still a medication I had to remain off of in order to breastfeed. I felt overwhelmed in the beginning because I wanted to breastfeed to have that bond with my daughter but was also worried about getting back on my medication, basically back to my regular routine now that my daughter was born.

My doctor suggested that I go the breastfeeding route and pump as much milk as I could and freeze it. One thing that I love about breastmilk and freezing, is how long it lasts! 6 months to a year depending on what kind of freezer you have! With the advice my doctor gave me, I was been able to freeze a lot of my breastmilk and still had milk to breastfeed also. I hit a bump in the road with medication and breastfeeding, but it all worked out great because I had milk stored up that I was able to give my baby. The process was not an easy one, but between me and my daughter working together we made it happen. I'm back to taking the majority of all my medication and everything is flowing great.

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